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Salmonberry Trail Project

A Community Path to Rockaway Beach

The City of Rockaway Beach won funding for the design of a cycling and pedestrian path that would connect Washington St to  Neah-Kah-Nie High and Middle Schools. This technical design phase will begin late summer/early fall 2023.

City leadership wants to hear from residents, nearby community members, and Neah-Kah-Nie High and Middle School students, staff, and parents before technical design is underway.

The proposed path has been included in several planning efforts in the last 10+ years, including the Rockaway Beach Transportation Plan, Safe Routes to School, the Salmonberry Trail Coast Report, and the Oregon Coast Trail.

Residents can learn more about the project and provide input throughout the planning process.

Community Outreach Dates

  • April 12, 6-8pm
    City Council Meeting, Progress Report, City Hall and online
  • April 26, 6-8pm
    Community Path Information and Listening Session I, City Hall
  • May 10, 5-6pm
    City Council Work Session, City Hall and online
  • May 17th, 6-8pm
    Community Path Information and Listening Session II, City Hall


Mid/late-May(date TBD)
Public Workshop on Issue Specific Design

June 14, 6-8pm
City Council Meeting, preliminary Design Recommendations Report, City Hall

We want to hear from you

Community information and listening sessions

The first information and listening session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 26 from 6-8pm at City Hall. Additional sessions will be scheduled throughout the spring/early summer 2023.

Registration is not required but appreciated so that the project team can plan accordingly.

Share your thoughts online

Want to share specific opportunities and concerns about the path or design process right now? We want to hear them. Submit comments and suggestions anytime using the online form by clicking the button below.

Help get the word out

We want to make it easy for residents to be part of the process.
Let us know where else we should share information and gather feedback.

Would you like the project team to present to a local group, or share information for your newsletter or social media groups? 

Email for more information and to schedule a conversation.

More Planning? Why?

Good question. This part of the planning process is specifically for gathering community input. It is based on the work that has been done but also allows city leaders and residents to have a voice in decision making before technical plans are developed. 

The Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) will kick off technical design of the path later in 2023. The technical design will include recommendations for environmental, engineering, and safety considerations. Your input leading up to technical design will help ensure that the more detailed design work best serves the residents of Rockaway Beach.

What’s Next?

The city will gather input from the community from March-June. We will update the project page on the website, share updates through the city’s newsletter, and present to local groups throughout the process. 

Technical design is likely to advance between July-December 2023. Construction funding has not yet been allocated and would begin in 2025 at the earliest.