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City Council

City Council meeting take place at 6:00 pm on the 2nd Wednesday of each month.

Regular City Council meetings are video-taped and available for viewing on
TLCTV, Charter Communications Cable Channel 4.

Please click the following link to view the programming schedule.

Current year Council Meetings
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Mayor & Council Members

Sue Wilson


I have been a resident of Rockaway Beach since 2005, when I moved from the Aloha area. I retired after 26 years in the legal field as a lead paralegal with various Portland-area law firms.

My expertise lies in insurance defense. Since entering the political arena as an appointed Councilor in 2007, I have served in that capacity off and on since that time and is currently serving as Mayor after my initial appointment to that position by the Council after Joanne Aagaard’s retirement and being elected to serve in that position in 2020. In addition to being Mayor, I am currently serving as President of the Rockaway Beach Lions Club, volunteer at the North County Food Bank as a packer, and a member of the Rockaway Beach Merchants Association.

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Terry Walhood

Council President

Since 1967 when my parents bought property here, I have been enjoying Rockaway Beach.  In 2001 I became a full time resident and started volunteering with the Hope Chest Thrift Shops.  In 2004 the Hope Chest expanded and added another store here and I became the manager at that time.  In 2009 I became President of the Non-profit charity.  This year we will reach a total of $2,000,000 donated to other non-profits in Tillamook County.  With the city I began volunteering on the Budget Committee.  While Mayor I restored Sea View Lake & Park in the middle of Rockaway.  Many citizens never knew there was a lake there.  We started the Community Garden in 2005 and I am still involved with it.  I am on the Board of the Garibaldi Maritime Museum and am the Secretary.  I have been President of the Beautification Committee and served as Vice President of the Planning Commission prior to joining the City Council.  I have been Volunteer of the Year and currently City Council President.  With my experience in leadership in the City I wish to continue to serve the city and to be able to prove the livability of our residents and the enjoyment of our tourists.

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Mary McGinnis

Council Position 1

I am honored to serve on city council. Supporting my local community is a core value of mine. I grew up in a logging camp in Colorado and on a farm in Missouri. I learned early the importance of everyone jumping in to get a task done.

My life journeys brought me to Oregon 12 years ago, and Rockaway has been my home for nine years. In Rockaway, I continued my local service as a member of Rockaway Beach’s Wayfinding Committee, Tsunami Resiliency Committee, a Salmonberry Trail representative, and many ad hoc committees such as the Memorial Day committee and Lake Lytle improvements. I was a commissioner on the Rockaway Beach Planning and Zoning Commission for four years. I attend the
Oregon League of Cities meetings and have taken their city councilor training. I work with non-profits as a member of the North Coast Communities for Watershed Protection (NCCWP), Vice-President of Tillamook Fairview Grange, and past board member of Tillamook Revitalization Association. I was a high
school teacher for 42 years, and I absolutely loved it, so much that I still work parttime.

During my years in the Midwest, I dreamed of living in a beach resort town. I feel privileged to live in Rockaway where I can hike, kayak, bike, walk the beach, enjoy arts, shop, eat at our establishments, and visit with our dynamic people.
My project goals as a councilor are to bring broadband to everyone, manage city resources for recreation, increase economic development, plan for long-term affordable housing, manage the local environment sustainably, and increase community involvement in city actions.

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Tom Martine

Council Position 2

I moved to Rockaway in 1995 when I purchased the hardware store. After 4 months I was asked to join the fire department. Three years later, I was promoted to Captain and the medical officer. I retired from the fire department after 25 years of service. I joined the County Fire Investigation Team when it started up. I was a member of the planning commission for 4 years. I have accumulated 9 years on the city council with a break in the middle.

Contact Tom at:

Kristine Hayes

Council Position 3

I am a committed community member, local business owner, and long-standing volunteer in our School District, local Chamber, Lions, and countless other clubs. Most importantly, a wife, mother, aunt, and grandmother. I was elected with the platform of transparency, and work hard to promote public notice and community participation. I use my voice for those who cannot. I was chosen and, in turn, accepted the duty to protect and serve those in our community to the best of my abilities. Please know I will do whatever I can to uphold the oath I took to bring us all together and to create inclusivity in our beloved Rockaway Beach. I want Rockaway to be a safe place for my family, and yours. I refuse to throw my vote around; it does not feel right to make a decision if I am unaware of the consequences. I will not support or tolerate discrimination on any level, or monkey business in our budget. I can promise if I am at the table, issues will not be swept under the rug. I am but one person and I can’t change these things on my own, but I will do my best. Blessings to All

Contact Kristine at:

Penny Cheek

Council Position 5

My first trip to Rockaway Beach was in 1975. Little did I know then that I would now be a homeowner, business owner, and a member of our city council, nearly 50 years later.

I love our small town and I am so happy to call it my home.

Contact Penny at:

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